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PostHeaderIcon USA and Canada Rates Tumble

USA and Canada Rates Tumble

The holy grail of mobile roaming is to find free incoming calls in the USA and Canada, together with cheap calls back to Australia and BackChat has done this!

Even locals in these countries pay to receive calls, so the BackChat solution is absolutely fantastic for travellers.

With our new enhanced Multi GlobalSIM, BackChat now can offer the same cheap roaming rates in the USA and Canada, as we already have for Europe and other destinations.

In addition, travellers who want a local US phone number can be allocated one for free! Call rates are the same low rate, and receiving calls on the US number incurs only a small charge (just $0.30 per minute).

Rates in other countries, such as the UK, Italy, Greece have also fallen check our Rates page for more details. And the number of countries covered has grown to almost 190!