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PostHeaderIcon Telstra Roaming Rate Increase

Telstra Roaming Price Rise!

Travellers get hit harder

To add to the usual bill-shock associated with using your mobile phone overseas, Telstra has increased its mobile roaming rates significantly. This comes at a time when travel increases for the European summer, and also impacts all those people already at the World Cup in South Africa.

Telstra has moved to a single rate per call type for each country, instead of a different rate for each carrier. This simplicity, however, comes at a huge cost. BackChat estiamtes that rates have increased, on average, by over 10% for major destinations.

For example, calling from Bali back to Australia is $5.80 per minute, from Italy $5.00, Germany $4.17, China $4.47, USA $3.35 and Spain $5.12 per minute.

BackChat's customers will save around 80% compared to Telstra and other carriers' roaming rates.

It appears that Telstra, as well as the other major carriers, do not compete on roaming rates. They can do this while the travelling public has a poor understanding of the actual costs, or that there are easy alternatives like BackChat's GlobalSIM that will save them a fortune.

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