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PostHeaderIcon Telstra & Optus Roaming Shocks


In the past week, both Telstra and Optus have come out with shock announcements about mobile roaming. 

Telstra Roaming Price Increase

Telstra announced this week that they are 'simplifying' their rates for customers by having 8 pricing zones and one rate in each zone.

That sounds not bad, but the reality is that it will substantially increase the cost of using your mobile overseas for most travellers. The reason is that in 'simplifying' the rates Telstra have increased the cost of receiving calls significantly as this is now the same as an outgoing call! In addition, their rates to call back to Australia of exorbitant.

For example, receiving a call in the UK has increased from $0.70 to $2 per minute, nearly 300% increase, NZ has more than doubled, UAE (Dubai) has nearly tripled, and the list goes on!

Below a comparison of Telstra's new per minute rates to receive a call, and to make a call back to an Australian landline, with the BackChat equivalent. Not even close!

Telstra Receive BackChat Receive Telstra to Australia BackChat to Australia
USA 3.00 Free 3.00 0.49
UK 2.00 Free 2.00 0.49
China 3.50 0.39 3.50 0.59
UAE 3.50 0.20 3.50 0.59
Italy 3.50 Free 3.50 0.49
Israel 4.00 Free 4.00 0.49
Indonesia (Bali) 4.00 0.59 4.00 0.99

Half Of All Optus Roamers Unhappy With Charges!

Optus spokeswoman Vicki Brady says complaints about bill shock to her company are falling.

"Our research showed that of people who had travelled from Australia and used international roaming, 55 per cent of them had experienced bill shock, now that's not acceptable."

We agree that it is not acceptable. Despite Optus's changes in roaming rates, the real difference is that with BackChat there is no bill shock. You know the rates before you leave, and it is prepaid so you don't receive any further bills from us.