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Roaming Savings Tips For Staying In Touch Overseas

The last thing you want to do when you travel overseas is to spend a fortune on your mobile phone. The problem is that mobile roaming does not play by the same rules as your home mobile phone service. With roaming you pay for data outside your plan, you pay for incoming-calls, outgoing call and text rates are exorbitant, and pricing is not transparent.

Here are some tips to help to keep your spend down while overseas.

1. Be prepared. You have researched all the best deals for flight and accommodation  so why not roaming. Check what you Australian carrier is charging for calls and data, and look at your options.

2. Use WiFi, instead of mobile data where possible. Most hotels now have free or low-cost wifi available, even if just n the lobby. Also many shopping centres and fast food outlets now also have free wifi available.

3. Turn Data  settings off when not in use. For example, checking maps can use plenty of data if left to continually update. Get the map on your mobile or iPad, and then turn the data off until the next time you really need to do an update. Check out

4. Get people to call you in the hotel. This has two advantages: it is free for you to receive the call, and it is cheaper for people to call you on a landline than on your mobile.

5. Use SMS but avoid text conversations. Texting is cheap to send and s free to receive. However be careful of having back and forth conversations. Use the full 160 characters for each text.

6. Turn off automatic updates and email checking. Smart phones check for updates, new apps, your location, etc, every couple of minutes. Only allow updates when you connect to wifi. Change your email setting to only receive when requested, not automatically, and try and avoid downloading large attachments while using mobile data.

7. Use internet-based calling (VOIP) where possible, such as Skype or Viber. However, as mobile data costs are generally higher than other alternatives, only use this option where free WiFi or internet cafes are available.

8. A mobile phone with a prepaid Global roaming simcard is essential to minimise roaming costs, and stay in touch when other options are not available. The BackChat GlobalSIM is cost effective, high quality and has no hidden costs.

9. Turn off voicemail on your Australian mobile as you will be charged a roaming calls when people leave you a message, and then again when you listen to it.

10. Stay alert to what you are using. If you are still using your normal roaming make sure you check you billing regularly. Ensure that you are on a wifi network and have not slipped onto mobile data. Check your prepaid balance regularly.

Some words of caution:
- Test everything before you go. Know how your mobile works, and ensure that you have all you login details for Skype, etc, ready to go.

- Make sure you are familiar with the process to of how to call international numbers from your mobile.

- Have a copy of your important contacts, login details and emergency numbers in a safe place in case your mobile phone is stolen or lost. A good tip is to take photos of all documents and tickets in case they get lost.