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PostHeaderIcon Now We Slash Call Costs

Last month we announce the slashing of mobile data charges. Now BackChat is moving on call and text costs, with a huge reduction across almost every country from 1 April.

Rates in most of Europe, US and Asia are now just $0.49 per minute for an international call back to Australia! Other countries and local calls have seen their rates slashed as well.

Below are costs of a 1 minute call back home from a few major destinations:

Telstra Optus BackChat
UK $2.95 $4.75 $0.49
China $4.47 $6.75 $0.59
Italy $5.00 $5.95 $0.49
USA $3.35 $4.75 $0.49
Israel $6.05 $6.75 $0.49
Turkey $6.22 $6.75 $0.49

Rates from websites 22/3/13

PLUS receiving calls is Free in most of Europe, in the US and many other countries, and really cheap in the others.

For rates and countries covered click here

This means that for most people it is cheaper to call back home from overseas, than to call a mobile phone down the road in Australia. Now that really turns roaming costs around!

In addition, texting has become super affordable. Rates in most destination are only $0.39 per message. Receiving text messages is Free in every country.

All of this, coupled with the really cheap data rates announced last month, underlines why  BackChat is undoubtably the best value roaming alternative for Australian travellers.

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