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PostHeaderIcon Not all Roaming SIMcards are Created Equal

Not all Roaming SIMcards are Created Equal

Savings plus Contractibility

When you are looking at the options for mobile roaming simcards there are a number of criteria worth considering. As the first GlobalSIM provider in Australia, BackChat is uniquely positioned to highlight these criteria.

Around 8 years ago when we were building our service and looking for a network supplier, we developed a number of key requirements. We spoke to many travellers and travel agents and built our GlobalSIM service so that it ticked the following boxes.

High quality calls ?
Cheap rates for calls &  text ?
Cheap data rates ?
High included credits ?
No flagfalls or hidden costs ?
Easy to use ?
Long track record ?
Australian owned ?

As mobile roaming services evolve over time, BackChat is always looking to improve our service. If you have any suggestions or requirements please let us know at

1. Australian owned and operated
BackChat wanted to be able to customise the service so it fitted the needs of Australian, not European, travellers. We have focussed on providing great rates for calling back to Australia, and providing coverage in the places Australians tend to visit.

All rates are in Australian dollars.

2. Top quality calls and service
At the end of the day, the reason anyone needs a mobile phone is to stay in contact. It seems obvious that call quality is important, however some operators are more concerned with other aspects that they ignore this basic requirement. BackChat's call quality is outstanding, and is constantly being reviewed and improved.

We have added more than 50 new network roaming partners in the past year to ensure the best coverage around the world.

3. Best Value
The BackChat GlobalSIM packs have more included credits in the packs so you get even better value. With options for $49, $99 and $199 starter packs, you can be pick the pack that provides you with the best value.

There are no hidden costs such as flagfalls or monthly charges that eat into your credit.

So next time you travel overseas contact BackChat to save on roaming and stay in contact.

For more information call us on 1300 422 252