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Using your iPhone and iPad

iPhone 4 / iPad Micro SIM

BackChat supports the iPhone 4 and iPad with the availability of a Micro SIM. These are available online - please select this in the online Store when ordering.

iPhone 5 Nano SIM

Nano SIMs for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are also available, however in limited quantities at present. Order a Micro SIM and please put your request for a Nano SIM in the Comments section at the end of the order.

Unlocking you iPhone

Almost every iPhone bought in Australia via a carrier (ie not from an Apple store) is locked, even if purchased outright. This means it can only be used with a simcard from your usual mobile phone carrier. The good news is that at present, all the carriers are unlocking these devices for free. There are a few steps to ensure your iPhone is unlocked properly:

1. Request that your carrier unlocks the iPhone, and then wait around 6 hours for this to be completed
2. Sync your iPhone with iTunes with you normal simcard in the mobile, and ensure that you install the latest operating system
3. Sync again
4. Sync again with the BackChat GlobalSIM in the iPhone
5. Ensure you get a message on the screen confirming that your iPhone is now unlocked
6. You may need to do a Restore if the above does not work

Going through this process will ensure that the iPhone is properly unlocked and can then be used with any simcard.


Data on an iPhone / iPad

Data services are available for iPhones, iPads and any other smartphone. Your BackChat credits can be used for calls, texting or data - there is no need to buy separate data bundles. Please check the rates for the countries you are travelling to before you travel (under Rates tab).

Setting up Data on an iPhone / iPad

To enable data services on your iPhone or iPad, click here to find the settings


Manually selecting a Roaming Location Profile (if not prompted)

Go to settings

Select Phone

Select SIM Applications

Click on Select Location

Choose Profile