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PostHeaderIcon iPhone Roaming App now available

Now using the BackChat GlobalSIM in your iPhone is even easier with our app available through the iTunes App Store. The iPhone app ensures that calls will be placed even quicker, and makes using your iPhone even easier.

You can download the app through the App Store (search for BackChat GlobalSIM), or go to:


iPhone app screenshot

The app works by placing a network code before and after the number that you are dialing, or selecting from your Contacts, and copying this formatted number to the clipboard. All you need to do is go to your dial pad, press the blue area on top, and press  ‘paste’. Really easy!

Best of all, you only have to do this once,as you can then paste this number to your Contacts in the BackChat format for future use.
Although the BackChat GlobalSIMs are data enabled, we still recommend that you are careful with data, and should turn it off when not in use. Use WiFi hotspots where possible.