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Global sim card tips for saving

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Looking to save money on international roaming bills? Look no further than BackChat Mobile. Here are five top tips on how to save money on cell phone roaming when travelling.

1. Buy a local sim card before you leave home

BackChat Mobile gives you one number and one sim and saves you up to 80% on your global roaming bill in over 130 countries. There are no charges for receiving calls in over 50 countries.

2. Only receive calls when mobile roaming

An alternative way to save is to minimise outgoing calls and just receive them on your normal Australian global roaming sim. Ensure you switch off your voicemail as the call will bounce backwards and forwards to Australia and cost you an international roaming call to retrieve messages. With BackChat Mobile you have free incoming calls in over 50 countries.

3. Use SMS

SMS is an excellent way to communicate cheaply when international roaming. Ensure you donít have any missed incoming calls which bounce back to your Australian voicemail.

4. Do take your phone

Of course if you donít take your phone you will completely eliminate international roaming charges; but then your family, friends and clients canít contact you and hotel phones can be horrendously expensive. Therefore using a prepaid global sim for international roaming is a more feasible option.

5. Buy a global sim card in Australia not overseas Buying a prepaid sim card overseas for global roaming purposes is unlikely to be the ideal solution. The difference in buying an international sim card in Australia is that BackChat Mobile focuses on low cost calls back to Australia (rather than just local calls), you have one number wherever you travel and you can top up your prepaid global sim easily.