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BackChat Mobile has launched its ground breaking new product, GlobalSIM a pre paid international roaming service for travelers which does not incur exhorbitant global roaming costs and enables you to receive calls for free in over 50 countries.

Founder and CEO, Danny Nathanson said, “BackChat will revolutionise global roaming. It has been created as a solution to roaming shock for the five million or so Australians who travel overseas each year and return to a mobile phone bill of hundreds of dollars.

This service gives the customer one global SIM card with one number which can be used all over the world in over 130 countries. You can receive calls for free in over 50 countries and save up to 80% on calls you make when overseas.

Nathanson said, "It’s so easy to keep in touch when traveling, for example calls from most of Europe and the UK back home are just 99 cents per minute".

The product was formulated specifically for its ease of use, convenience and competitive rates. This is the best weapon any traveler can use in fighting the war against costly global roaming calls.

BackChat Mobile is the international roaming solution for business and leisure travelers around the world. Benefits of the service include saving up to 80% on international roaming, free incoming calls in over 50 countries, and 24/7 customer support.

There is no contract nor monthly fees and just one number to give out wherever you are traveling. BackChat's global roaming service is available in over 130 countries yet your phone bill will be charged in AUD so there are no fluctuations from currency exchange.

Most of all its easy to use, just insert the GlobalSIM Card in your phone – and then make calls as you usually do.

BackChat global roaming starter packs are available from $49 include sim card and calls.

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Media contact: Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan or Daniel Bott on 02 9977 1011 or 040409 5326