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BackChat Mobile can save you over $500 on your next overseas trip with GlobalSIM a pre paid mobile roaming service for travellers which does not incur exorbitant international roaming costs and allows you to receive calls for free in over 50 countries.

BackChat Mobile has calculated the following comparison based on average global roaming costs: if you make 20 minutes of calls to Australia and receive 20 minutes of calls with a regular global roaming service it would cost on average $695, however with BackChat Mobile it costs just $169, meaning you save over $500 on your international roaming costs.

Founder and CEO, Danny Nathanson said, "BackChat Mobile is the solution for travellers wanting to save money when traveling overseas whilst still remaining contactable on their mobile phone. Just look at the figures and see that it all adds up. Why waste money when travelling? Its easy to save money and stay in touch with BackChat Mobile".

Here are Dannyís top tips for saving on your phone bill when travelling:

1. Buy a prepaid global roaming simcard before you leave home

BackChat Mobile gives you one number and one sim and saves you up to 80% on your global roaming bill in over 130 countries. There are no charges for receiving calls in 50 countries.

2. Try and receive calls when using international roaming services

A great way to save is to try and receive as many calls as possible on your international roaming sim. If using traditional international roaming, ensure you switch off your voicemail as the call will bounce backwards and forwards to Australia and cost you an international roaming call to retrieve messages.

3. Use SMS

SMS is an excellent way to communicate cheaply when international roaming. Avoid tennis texting as these conversations can quickly become more expensive than a quick call.

4. Do take your phone

Of course if you donít you will completely eliminate international roaming charges but then your family, friends and clients canít contact you and hotel phones can be horrendously expensive.

BackChat Mobile is the global roaming solution for business and leisure travellers around the world. Benefits of the service include saving up to 80% on international roaming, free incoming calls in over 50 countries, and 24/7 customer support.

There is no contract nor monthly fees for this global roaming service and just one number to give out wherever you are travelling. BackChat Mobile's global roaming service is available in over 130 countries yet your phone bill will be charged in AUD so there are no fluctuations from currency exchange.