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PostHeaderIcon Football World Cup Talk is Cheap

Mobile Roaming during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa

Sharing the highlights of your trip to the World Cup football finals in South Africa is one of the things we take for granted, But those updates to your family and friends on the great games you will be watching can land up costing you a small fortune.

In addition, emergencies happen where you need your mobile. Think no further than the disruptions in Europe from the recent vocano eruption, and the resulting flight chaos. Update your family a few times and it adds up to serious money.

BackChat Mobile’s GlobalSIM is the answer to cheaper mobile roaming. Not only are their normal rates really cheap, but the special offer during the World Cup for calls back to Australia of just $0.59 per minute, makes keeping in touch so affordable. There are also no flagfalls or other hidden costs. You will also have your GlobalSIM and number before you leave.

If you were planning on getting a prepaid SIMcard when you arrived in South Africa, be aware that the recently introduced Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act, RICA, means that this is not as easy as previously. Commentators there are expecting significant delays and long queues, as the RICA act requires that the seller sights, and also verifies, identification information. The verification part is expected to add significant delays.

Lastly, prepaid SIMcards in South Africa are not bad for local calls, but calling back to Australia will still cost you a fortune. At $0.59 a minute with BackChat, this is no longer an issue.