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Extended Travel & Gap Year Tips

The way you need to organise your communications is different when taking a long, rather than a short trip. You may be travelling to countries or regions with poor infrastructure, so you need to prepare for these issues.

We would recommend that you look at combining 3 different methods of keeping in touch:

1. Use internet-based calling (VOIP) where possible, such as Skype or Viber. However, as mobile data costs are generally higher than other alternatives, only use this option where free WiFi or internet cafes are available.

2. Send regular updates to keep your family and friends up to date. Using Facebook or email is an effective way of only having to update once and keep many people informed.

3. A mobile phone with a prepaid Global roaming simcard is essential to minimise roaming costs, and stay in touch when other options are not available. Texting is cost effective, but avoid sending multiple messages as it is often cheaper to make a quick call. The BackChat GlobalSIM is cost effective, high quality and has no hidden costs.

Some words of caution:
- Test everything before you go. Know how your mobile works, and ensure that you have all you login details for Skype, etc, ready to go.

- Make sure you are familiar with the process to of how to call international numbers from your mobile.

- Have a copy of your important contacts, login details and emergency numbers in a safe place in case your mobile phone is stolen or lost.

- Don't rely on local prepaid simcards. In many countries these are becoming restricted to locals residents only, and are often expensive to call back to Australia.

- When roaming, the cost of data can be devastating, with charges of $15 per MB the standard. This could mean you get charged around $50 to check a map on your phone for directions!

BackChat's data rates now start at just $0.99 per MB in major destinations such as the USA, UK and parts of Europe. This is a phenomenal saving!

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