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Data Services

Want to access your emails, the internet or check a map from your mobile without breaking the bank? Now you can with BackChat GlobalSIM's data service.

Data is available on all GlobalSIMs so there is no need to buy special packs or a separate simcard. Data usage comes out of the same credits you purchase for calls or text messages, giving you maximum flexibility. The data services can be accessed with iPhones, smartphones, iPads or using a laptop dongle. Micro SIMs are available for the iPhone 4, some smartphones and iPads, and Nano SIMS are available on request.

Full rates can be downloaded here.


Some data hints:

Keep your data setting switched off, and only switch on when you actually need to use data services. This is especially important on iPhones and other smartphones which constantly try to access various data services such as checking for app updates.

Use wifi wherever possible, especially where free wifi services are available.

Maps use a huge amount of data, so don't keep these switched on while you are driving or walking around. Switch on and get the map on the screen, and then turn data off until next time you need an update.

Ensure no unintended programs are running in the background that may use data.



Below is a guide to estimated usage for various data activities on a 3G network. These will vary depending on the application, size of attachments, number of images and photos, etc.

Please check your usage regularly to understand your actual usage patterns. Consider using a wifi network where avaialble.

Emails: 50KB per email with no attachments

Emails: 2MB per email with 1 photo

Maps: 1MB per minute

Websites: 0.5MB per page

Social Media: 2MB per post

Song downlaod: 6 MB per song

Skype / Viber: 0.5MB per minute

Streaming videos: 6MB per minute


Note: Rates vary by country and network. You are responsible for all data usage - please use cautiously.



To use data services on your mobile, you simply need to change the APN or Access Point to "mobiledata" or "globaldata" in the USA.

Username and password are left blank.

Instructions to change this on various popular models are below:



Set the APN  or Access Point to "mobiledata" or "globaldata" in the USA.". Username and password are left blank.



IOS6: Settings > General > Mobile/Cellular Data > Mobile / Cellular Data Network. Then change APN to "mobiledata" or "globaldata" in the USA.

IOS7 and later: Settings >  Mobile/Cellular > Mobile / Cellular Data Network. Then change APN to "mobiledata" or "globaldata" in the USA.

Ensure that both Cellular Data, and Data Roaming are switched on. When not using data, switch these off to avoid unneccessary costs.


Settings > Mobile / Cellular Data Network. Then change APN to "mobiledata", or "globaldata" in the USA

Ensure that both Cellular Data, and Data Roaming are switched on. When not using data, switch these off to avoid unneccessary costs.

Samsung Galaxy / most Android mobiles

1. Touch the Menu key
2. Touch Settings
3. Touch Wireless & networks
4. Touch Mobile networks
5. Touch Access Point Names
6. Add new APN BackChat
7. Set APN to "mobiledata" or "globaldata" in the USA.
8. Save
9. Ensure button next to BackChat APN is set to green / on


HTC Desire

Creating a new access point:

1. From the Home screen, press MENU, and then tap Settings > Wireless & networks.
2. Tap Mobile networks > Access Point Names.
3. On the APNs screen, press MENU and then tap New APN.
4. On the Edit access point screen, enter the APN settings. Tap an APN setting item to edit it to "mobiledata" or "globaldata" in the USA..
5. Press MENU and then tap Save.


Nokia N series

Settings -> Connectivity -> Settings -> Destinations -> Access point -> No to auto check for available access points -> Packet data -> enter name of your new APN (to "mobiledata" or "globaldata" in the USA.)


Nokia 6131 (and most other Nokias)

1. Go to Menu > Settings > Configuration
2. Choose Personal configuration settings
3. Press Options
4. Select Add new and Access point
5. Fill in a Account name
6. Select Access point settings
7. Set Data bearer to GPRS /packet data
8. Select Bearer settings
9. Enter GPRS access point (APN to "mobiledata" or "globaldata" in the USA.)

10. Set Authentication type to Normal

11. Enter User name and Password - leave blank
12. Back * 3
13. Choose Options and Activate
14. Go Back
15. Set Preferred access point to the access point you just made.
16. Set Default configuration settings to Personal config.
17. Select Activate default in all applications and Yes

After setting up your phone continue with step 2