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PostHeaderIcon Data Roaming Costs Out of Control - you can pay $100 to download a song from iTunes

Data Roaming Costs Out of Control - you can pay $100 to download a song from iTunes
BackChat GlobalSIM launches $0.99 per MB data roaming rates!

Downloading a $0.99 song from iTunes when you are travelling overseas onto your iPhone or iPad could end up costing you $100 because of out of control data roaming rates!

And the worst part is that you won’t know about it until you get your next bill from your mobile phone carrier. An average 5MB song, charged at Telstra’s data roaming rate of $20 per MB will end up costing around $100, and the other carriers are not any better.

The problem for travelers using data when they are roaming is that they are caught completely by surprise at these costs. Most smartphone and iPhone users have a capped plan which includes data, so they do not have to monitor everything they do online.

With roaming you pay for everything, and at an exorbitant rate. To make matters worse, Smartphones and Tablets are regularly accessing data to search for new app updates, update your location and check for emails. So even if you are doing nothing, your device will be clocking up a huge bill.

An Australian company, BackChat Mobile, has a solution to end this pain, with data costs from just $0.99 per MB compared to Telstra’s $20 per MB, $15 per MB with Optus and $10 with Vodafone! The BackChat GlobalSIM has many advantages: firstly it is prepaid so you are limited to spending a small amount before you get a reminder to top up again, secondly the rates are a fraction of those charged by the carriers, and lastly BackChat educates their users how to minimize data usage.

“We have spent the past eight years providing cheaper roaming calls to Australian travelers, and now we have added cheaper data roaming into the package” said BackChat Mobile CEO Danny Nathanson.

“A customer came to us recently after he had spent around $6,000 on his iPhone while on holiday in Europe” said Nathanson. “He was conscious of not using much data, but did not count on the fact that his iPhone was busy in the background. Every two minutes he incurred a charge of approximately $0.20, and this quickly snowballed into a bill which was more than his flights and accommodation!”

Worst of all, most travelers have no idea that they will get this nasty surprise when they return home. Roaming charges are not included in your capped plans, so you still pay for the plan plus your roaming calls.

Tips from BackChat Mobile to save on data costs:

-       Use wifi access wherever possible, especially free wifi available from hotels, Starbucks and the like
-       Turn off all Location Services on your iPhone and smartphone, such as Maps and GPS
-       Keep data setting turned off when not online - this will prevent unplanned updates while roaming
-       Get a prepaid GlobalSIM before you leave so you can monitor costs and pay significantly less for calls and data

The BackChat GlobalSIM will work in all mobile phones and tablets, with the smaller micro sims available for iPhone 4s and iPads.

Nathanson stated “Consumers can now fight back and avoid being ripped off on mobile roaming, by using Backchat Mobile’s GlobalSIM; a really smart and simple alternative. “

To make the savings, travellers simply have to replace their SIMcard for the duration of their trip. Their new GlobalSIM is prepaid so travelers can monitor their spending, and can be easily topped up while overseas. Call rates from many popular destinations are just $0.79 per minute, instead of paying up to $10 per minute for normal roaming.

BackChat’s GlobalSIMs can be ordered online, or by calling 1300 422 252