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About GlobalSIM - Roam More, Pay Less

The BackChat GlobalSIM™ Card is an innovative roaming sim specifically designed to save you up to 80% on mobile roaming phone calls you make while travelling overseas.

For business travellers, we have our unique Virtual Office service which allows you to remain contactable on your normal Australian mobile number, or the BackChat number. This provides you with both the cost savings, as well as the convenience of normal contactability.

That's a huge saving on what you'd normally pay for mobile roaming call charges. PLUS: your incoming calls are absolutely FREE in most countries!

Unlike other mobile operators who charge you exorbitant roaming rates for both incoming and outgoing mobile calls, BackChat provides all the convenience of single global phone number and world-wide mobile roaming...All at truly affordable rates!

Our travel sim is easy to use: you simply swap your existing SIM card for our GlobalSIM. Just use it for the trip – no plans, no ongoing commitments, no hidden charges.

Whether you're going overseas as a tourist, business person or student, BackChat’s GlobalSIM means major mobile phone savings for you:

Fantastic features:

  • FREE incoming calls in over 50 countries
  • Compatible with all (unlocked) Australian mobile phones
  • Ease of use: just insert the GlobalSIM card in your phone and make calls
  • No flagfalls or other hidden costs
  • No ongoing commitments
  • One GlobalSIM to cover to over 195 countries


Pricing & Packs

$199 Business Premium Starter Pack with Virtual Office.

This is also available for iPhones and iPads.

This includes:

  • Your free BackChat Mobile SIMcard
  • Your International Travel number
  • $199 of included Calls
  • A simple to use instruction manual
  • Free express postage

* Virtual Office: to remain contactable on your normal mobile number ($0.49 per minute added to all incoming calls)
* $10 per month for Virtual Office service until cancelled.

Other packs are also available without the Virtual Ofiice addition - see the online Store.

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