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PostHeaderIcon Avoid being slugged by mobile roaming charges when you travel overseas

Australian travellers can expect to be slugged between $500 to $1000 on their next trip overseas, just for using their mobile phone.

Mobile roaming is now reportedly the third highest cost for overseas travellers, after airfares and accommodation. “This is a ridiculous situation to find ourselves in for a basic service”, said Danny Nathanson, CEO of BackChat Mobile. “The mark-ups charged by the major carriers to Australian customers when they roam overseas are outrageous.”

Worst of all, most travellers have no idea that they will get this nasty surprise when they return home. Roaming charges are not included in your capped plans, so you still pay for the plan plus your roaming calls.

Nathanson added “Even the recent parliamentary enquiry into mobile roaming earlier this year concluded that travelers were getting a raw deal”.

Nathanson stated “Consumers can now fight back and avoid being ripped off on mobile roaming, by using a really smart and simple alternative, which is Backchat Mobile’s GlobalSIM. “

A recent customer of BackChat, Bernard Le Boursicot, Managing Director of the B & G Trading Group of Companies, was amazed at the savings he made on a recent trip to Europe. With BackChat he spend $192, but if he had used his normal carrier, it would have cost him a whopping $1034! His savings of over $800 was certainly more than he expected.

Mr Le Boursicot said the BackChat GlobalSIM was “cheaper than any other mobile company”. “Not only are the rates fantastic,“ he said, “but the connection world-wide is impeccable”. He also praised BackChat’s service, saying it was “prompt and efficient”.

To make the savings, all travellers have to do is to replace their SIMcard for the duration of their trip. Their new GlobalSIM is prepaid so travelers can monitor their spending, and can be easily topped up while overseas. Call rates from many popular destinations are just $0.99 per minute, instead of paying up to $10 per minute for normal roaming.

BackChat’s GlobalSIMs can be ordered online, or by calling 1300 422 252