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Data Roaming Bill Shock Posted

Tags: data roaming, global roaming, mobile roaming, roaming sim, smart phones
The huge increase in so-called smartphone sales and the higher data usage which has come with it, is both a useful tool for users, as well as a potential money trap. These sales increases impact on devices such as Blackberry, iPhone and other data-enabled mobile phones. Mobile roaming now has another avenue for costing you more than you budgeted for when you travel overseas. The...

Parliamentary Inquiry into Mobile Roaming a Wasted Opportunity

Tags: international mobile roaming
BackChat Mobile slams the Parliamentary report, Phoning Home, Inquiry into International Mobile Roaming, released on 19 March 2009 as offering no solutions to the huge costs of mobile roaming . Australians are found to be paying too much to use their mobile phones overseas, but the Government has missed the opportunity to act to help travelers.. Danny Nathanson, CEO of BackChat Mobile...

Global Roaming Pain Eased By Callback Service

Tags: backchat mobile, global roaming, international roaming
The exorbitant cost of both making and receiving calls on your mobile phone overseas is well known, but an Aussie company has come up with a solution claimed to cut the cost of making calls by up to 70 percent. For example, it says calls to Australia from almost anywhere in Europe will cost $A0.99 per minute. This is well below the rates identified by KPMG in a recent study commissioned by...

Global Roaming - save on your next overseas trip

Tags: global roaming, international roaming, roaming sim
SAVE OVER $500 ON YOUR NEXT OVERSEAS TRIP BackChat Mobile can save you over $500 on your next overseas trip with GlobalSIM a pre paid mobile roaming service for travellers which does not incur exorbitant international roaming costs and allows you to receive calls for free in over 50 countries. BackChat Mobile has calculated the following comparison based on average global roaming...

Global sim card tips for saving

Tags: global roaming, global sim card, international roaming, roaming sim
Looking to save money on international roaming bills? Look no further than BackChat Mobile. Here are five top tips on how to save money on cell phone roaming when travelling. 1. Buy a local sim card before you leave home BackChat Mobile gives you one number and one sim and saves you up to 70% on your global roaming bill in over 130 countries. There are no charges for receiving...

Global SIM card for BackChat Mobile

Tags: global roaming, global sim card, international roaming
BackChat Mobile has launched its ground breaking new product, GlobalSIM a pre paid international roaming service for travelers which does not incur exhorbitant global roaming costs and enables you to receive calls for free in over 50 countries. Founder and CEO, Danny Nathanson said, “BackChat will revolutionise global roaming. It has been created as a solution to roaming shock for the...

Global roaming plans go awry

Tags: global roaming, global sim card, international roaming
COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stephen Conroy's hopes of delivering cheaper international roaming rates for Australian consumers appear destined to stumble on regulatory hurdles. In its submission to a parliamentary inquiry the consumer watchdog has described high international mobile roaming charges for Australians as an "intractable problem". The submission was one of 15 that mobile...