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About Us

BackChat Mobile is a service of BackChat Global Pty Ltd. BackChat Mobile, through its related ventures, has a long history of supplying Australian travellers with alternatives to the high cost of mobile roaming, for both leisure and business travellers.

BackChat Mobile’s primary focus is on providing genuine value to customers, and building long term customer satisfaction. In the development of this product, we trialed and tested almost every solution available, and we believe that the BackChat GlobalSIM is far and away the best service on the market. Call quality is superb, calls are purchased and used in Australian Dollars, and our aim is to make the service as easy to use as possible.

As with all telecommunications services we recognize that the services need to constantly adapt and change,. BackChat and its suppliers invest heavily in Research and Development to ensure our customers always have the best available services. As such, services will change over time, and exciting new services will be added.

BackChat Mobile is a private company and is based in Sydney Australia.

Any queries please contact us.